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Individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large organizations have a wonderful chance to work with Amazon and onboard vendors through Amazon. As an Amazon partner, you will make it possible for sellers to begin selling on Amazon, assist them in becoming successful, and make money for yourself in the process.


Become an Entrepreneur

You can work as an individual or create an organization to on-board sellers, and take your business to new heights

Expert Training

Get trained by Experts on the Amazon India marketplace

Earn More Money​

Make a profit when new sellers sell their products on​

Get Certified by Amazon

Attend the training, complete the evaluation and get partnership certificate from Amazon

Who can take this training ?


Aspiring Entrepreneurs



Existing Amazon Sellers

Business Owners


Any Interested Person

Course Features

Who can take this training ?

We want you all to succeed and fulfill your dreams, and we want to provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about whether or not this is the appropriate business for you. We want to create a route for you that will get you to the top so you can watch your company flourish. to you at the top so you can witness the expansion of your company.


Don’t pass up this incredible course! Your entire life can be changed in a few weeks! We will convey to you superior information! You’ll gain the assurance to proceed after reading it!


We have created an unbreakable program that, when used step-by-step, will produce and earn money for you online.


Designed by industry experts, this course helps you gain mastery over the skills required to become an Amazon certified e-commerce consultant to make money on Amazon, the world’s #1 e-commerce business.

The course teaches you the easy techniques to make money by onboarding a new seller, servicing existing sellers and offer your consulting services to manage the accounts of the sellers. Out team gives full support strong in preparing the students for clearing the Amazon ATES programme.

Course content

Total:55 Total hours: 16 Hours

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